LET-a CeMAT ASIA event 2021

Guangzhou International Cold Chain Logistics and Refrigerated vehicle Exhibition 2021

Guangzhou International Automated Packaging and Packing products Exhibition 2021

Guangzhou International Logistics and Supply Chain Exhibition 2021

IMS - a CeMAT ASIA event 2021 & IIoT Show 2021


Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province



Hannover Milano Best Exhibitions (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.



Guangdong Packaging Technology Association

Guangdong Cold Chain Association

Guangzhou Logistics Profession Association



China Association of Warehousing and Distribution

Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (Fraunhofer IML) 

China Chamber of International Commerce, Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce

Arab Businessmen Forum (China)

China-Australia Chamber of Commerce-South China

Nepal Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Canton Chamber of Commerce in Laos

Guangdong Manufacturers Association

Guangdong Paper Association

Food Production Technology Association of Guangdong

Bottled Drinking Water Association of Guangdong

Guangdong Chamber of Daily Used Chemicals

Guangdong Association of Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Guangdong Textile Association

Guangdong E-commerce Investment and Financing Association

Guangdong Provincial Alcohol Industry Association Beer Branch

Southern Cold-chain & Logistics Development Center

Guangdong Brewing Information & Technology Service Center

Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce Guangdong Logistics Special Committee

Guangdong Sichuan Chamber of Furniture Brand Alliance

Guangzhou Enterprise Confederation

Guangzhou Headquarters Economy Association

Guangzhou  Municipal Association of Grain Sector

Guangzhou Port Shipping Service Association

Guangzhou Cold-chain Industry Association

Guangzhou Furniture Association

Guangzhou Customized Home Industry Association

Guangzhou Chain Store & Franchise Association

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Profession Association

Guangzhou City Food Enterprises Association

Guangzhou Building Materials Industry Association

Guangzhou Modern Office Facilities Industry Chamber of Commerce

Guangzhou Construction Machinery Industry Association

Guangzhou Electronic Industrial Association

Guangzhou Packing & Printing Industry Association

Guangzhou Industrial Design Association

Guangzhou Sationery Association

Guangzhou Watches & Clocks Association

Guangzhou Bosum Association

The Panyu Manufacturers Association of Guangzhou

Guangzhou Nansha Logistics Association

Guangzhou Baiyun E-Commerce Association