Dive into “Smart Logistics”, Industry upgrade and steady development


Exhibition date: Nov. 6th- 9th ,2018

Exhibitoion Venue: Hall W1-W5,SNIEC, NO.2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District ,Shanghai


Industry upgrade has become the most important task of the entire manufacturing industry, “Industry 4.0”, “Made in China 2025” are no longer a long term goal, but an achievable mission in logistic equipment industry. CeMAT ASIA 2018 together with its partners will continuously dive into this topic, based on the big topic of “Smart logistic” talk about the development of the logistic industry. In additional, the concurrent event Cold Chain ASIA, will enrich the content of CeMAT ASIA.


Innovation and intelligent become the key development of forklift truck industry.

       As the basis of logistic equipment industry and indispensable part of CeMAT ASIA, in 2018 HANGCHA, BYD, Ningbo Ruyi, THV and other forklift truck industrial leaders will participate in the forklift truck hall - W5 this year.

After a whole year waiting, CITIA China Industry Truck Innovation Award will come back to CeMAT ASIA, the final winners will show us the achievement and development of forklift truck light weight and intelligent.


Heat topic, Robots and AGV still make the attraction

Cross industries development becomes the trends, the robots manufacturers made their steps    into logistic industry, the leading robots manufacturers like ABB, FANUC, SIASUN will all participate CeMAT ASIA 2018

Innovations lead the development of the industry, new comers of logistic robots manufacturers made their break through, to serve the diversified market needs and peak electricity needs, Geek+, QuickTron, HIK Vision, Zhui Neng, ARES etc.offer the solution.

AGV manufacturers also bring their innovations, forklift truck AGV leads the trends of AGV industry, ComwinAutomation, Jing Yuan, SIWI, i-cow, Bozhon Robot, Robest AGV etc. will bring their innovative technology to hall W3 and W4.


The core value of the show matches the core value of the industry, integrated systems play the important role

As the key force of logistic equipment industry, integrated system providers are always the highlight of CeMAT ASIA, this year, they will also attract the focus, leading brands like DEMATIC, SSI Schaefer, SwissLog, TGW, Intelligrated, Vanderlande, SFA, Fives, Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute, Beijing Research Institute of Automation for Machinery Industry, CSIC, Vstrong, BlueSword, Zhongding, Anji etc. will again give solutions to real life scenarios to end users, please visit them at hall W1 and W2.


 E-commerce brings the focus to CeMAT ASIA 2018

In recent years, the fast development of e-commerce industry is one of the biggest force to move logistic equipment industry forward, it changes the common understanding of logistic industry again and again. In 2018, e-commerce companies will bring new highlights to CeMAT ASIA, JD will participate CeMAT as exhibitor for the first time, Cai Niao, Su Ning, Wang Yi Kao La, SF Express, will still organise delegations to visit the show, probably in the near future, e-commerce companies will make their places in the logistic equipment industry.


The world of elite, see the cutting edge technologies at Innovation Salon

As the landscape of CeMAT ASIA, innovation salon will continuously deliver its core value of customer oriented, leading technology and professionalism, invite the top buyers and suppliers to participate, make the salon the shiniest spot of CeMAT ASIA 2018.

            As the close partner of innovation salon, Fraunhofer IML always represents the cutting edge research result of world logistic industry, at 2018 CeMAT ASIA innovation salon, they will agin present their “black box technology”

            VIP interviews, round table discussion, real time broadcast, interactions, innovative events, innovation salon has not only excellent content, but also friendly service experiences to welcome more experts from logistic equipment industry to join the event, exchange ideas and make progress with it.


CeMAT ASIA 2019- 20th anniversary


In year 2019, CeMAT ASIA is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary, since year 2000, CeMAT ASIA has continuously paved its way towards success. Along with the booming of logistics industry in China, CeMAT ASIA has become the biggest international material handling and logistics technology trade fair.

Press Conferences

Integrate 20th anniversary subject into CeMAT ASIA official press conferences, 20th Anniversary press conference, LET2019 press conference.

Write dedicated press releases of 20th Anniversary, content include:

        Background and significance of 20th anniversary

        Highlights of 20th anniversary (CeMAT ASIA 2019)

        The influence of 20th anniversary to the future of CeMAT ASIA

The selection of media to attend press conferences

        Industrial media

        General media

        Press conference and reception during CeMAT ASIA 2018 onsite

China Road Shows

Reveal 20th Anniversary Key Image through interviews and visits

Preset the interview outline and key questions

        Talk about the progress of logistics industry in 20 years

        The development of CeMAT ASIA during the 20-year period

        The trail and path of the development and success

        Prospects of the future


Media Coverage

Outline of 20th Anniversary for Media, produce dedicated issues of CeMAT ASIA 20th Anniversary.

Domestic Media

        Invite qualified media write journals with a separate budget (warming up in 2018, full coverage in 2019)

        Make news clipping, follow up with media progress, evaluate the results.

International Media

        We provide material, outline, requirement, the press release will be written by international media, we will use the translated version if necessary.

       Use the press material provided by international media on international social medias like Facebook and Linkin etc

Greetings from Key Customers

        Greetings will in video or article form, the article sample will be prepared.

        Video clips emphasis 20th Anniversary Image

        Articles shall apply unified format, will edit into a book if appropriate.

        Select CeMAT ASIA frequent visitors, buyers from buyers’ programs over the years and partners to deliver messages.

Hannover Worldwide

       CeMAT Worldwide and its media partners will be responsible for releasing English version 20th anniversary press releases, highlights, messages from buyers, and interviews.

       Design CeMAT ASIA 20th anniversary posters, advertisements for displaying on CeMAT Worldwide shows to attract overseas buyers

       Add 20th anniversary image on promotional materials of CeMAT Worldwide.

       Invite medias and journalists from Germany and Italy to CeMAT Asia onsite for interviews and reports