A successful close of LET 2019 - a CeMAT ASIA event

The 2019 LET - a CeMAT ASIA event was successfully held at Hall B, China Import and Export Fair. LET 2019 is the first Guangzhou logistics exhibition hosted by Hannover Milano Best Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., a joint venture established by Guangzhou Best Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai. The year of 2019 coincides with the 20th anniversary of Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai’s entering China. LET, which has been held in Guangzhou for ten consecutive years, was particularly eye-catching this year. The exhibition has an area of nearly 30,000 m2 for display, and 373 exhibitors and 38,065 trade visitors witnessed a grand event in the field of logistics equipment. This exhibition enabled Hannover Milano Best Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. to establish a high-level communication and cooperation platform for both the supply and demand sides.


“Intelligent logistics based on IoT and big data indicates the development trend of modern logistics, while intelligent logistics equipment plays a backbone role for intelligent logistics. Intelligent logistics widely applies IT (e.g. RFID, sensors, GPS, Cloud computing) in logistics transportation, warehousing, packaging, handling, circulation processing, distribution and information technology services, thus enabling the information Intellectualization, networking, automation, visualization and systematization of logistics system,” said by Gary Liu, President of Hannover Milano Best Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. He believes that there is still much room for development of the Chinese market in this regard. “Hannover Milano Best Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. hopes to do its part for the intelligent development of China's logistics equipment industry. In the future, we will continue to work hard to continuously improve the platform we build for our colleagues in the industry and provide them with better channels for communication.” At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, many local government leaders, logistics industry experts, representatives of leading enterprises and leaders of logistics-related industry associations were present. They include: Mr. Gao Yuyue (Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government), Mr. Li Haizhou (District Governor of the People’s Government of Haizhu District, Guangzhou City), Mr. Cai Guijun (Vice Mayor of Puning Municipal People’s Government), Mr. Zhao Shangqun (Director of Service and Trade Office of Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province), Mr. Li Yongtao (Deputy Inspector of Guangzhou Business Bureau), Mr. Huang Donghang (Director of Production Services Department of Guangzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology), Mr. Qian Yu (Deputy Director of the Bureau of Science, Technology, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology, Haizhu District, Guangzhou), Mr. Lu Daming (Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society), Mr. Ma Zengrong (Secretary General of China Logistics Technology Association and Director of Equipment Committee of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing), Mr. Ding Junfa (Chief Consultant of Asia Council of Supply Chain), Mr. Yi Shaohua (Director of the Research Office of Circulation Industry, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Mr. Xu Dong (Secretary-General of Emergency Logistics Professional Committee of the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing), Mr. Fang Dianjun (Chief Scientist of Germany Fraunhofer IML Institute and President of Sino-German Institute of Intelligent Technology), Mr. Wang Xianqing (President of Guangdong Society of Commercial Economy), Mr. Long Guowen (Executive Vice-President and Secretary-General of Guangdong Manufacturers Association), Mr. Wang Zexin (President of Guangzhou Enterprise Federation), Mr. Liu Yaojun (President of Guangzhou Logistics Technology and Application Association), Mr. Chen Yun (Secretary-General of Guangzhou Furniture Industry Association), Mr. Chen Yueyun (Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou Building Materials Industry Association), Ms. Li Qiaoling (Vice President and Secretary-General of Guangzhou Publishing and Printing Industry Association), Ms. Li Youzhi (President of Zhongshan Caster Industry Association), Mr. Du Zhifeng (Executive Vice President of Zhuhai Logistics and Procurement Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Feng Sidong (Executive Vice-President of Dongguan Bonded Logistics Enterprise Association), Mr. Robert Tripoli (Director of International Development of Fiera Milano S.p.A.), Mr. Krister Sandvoss (Global Director of New Industry and Logistics Exhibition Development, Deutsche Messe AG), Mr. Gary Liu (Chairman of Hannover Milano Best Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.), and Mr. Huang Chen (Senior Business Director of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium in Guangzhou). Their attendance reflects the importance and concern of the governments and the whole industry for the momentous event.


After the world’s leading trade fair organizer Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai acquired Guangzhou International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition hosted by Guangzhou Best Exhibition Co., Ltd., it has been committed to combining the successful experience of exhibition held by CeMAT ASIA in Shanghai with the rich resources accumulated by Guangzhou International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition, which has been rooted in Guangzhou for ten years. After careful preparations, the brand-new LET-a CeMAT ASIA event has been finally built into the flagship exhibition of the logistics industry in South China.

Through constantly injecting unique new exhibition concepts, professional services, international sales network and other advantageous resources into the joint venture of LET-a CeMAT ASIA event, Hannover has effectively attracted many giant enterprises in the industry to participate in the exhibition. Besides DAIFUKU, Vanderlande, Swisslog, Anji Logistics, Dematic, Mitsubishi Logisnext, Hangcha, EP Equipment and other famous equipment manufacturers and integrators in the industry, the exhibition under the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Logistics” has also attracted a large number of intellectualization logistics equipment solution providers. Geek, Quicktron, Hikvision, Dahua, Cognex, Kardex, Introlox, Haenel, Jinfeng Logistics, Sumitomo, ALSCO, Wuxi Zhongding, Enfon, Schneider, Sick AG, KEYENCE, Turck, IFM, Houng Fuh, Savoye, Mushiny, HIT Robot Group, Merrytek, Youngsun Pack, Realogistics, OKAGV, VisionNov Robotics and other enterprises form “Intelligent Logistics” exhibition groups of the exhibition, leaving many audiences interested and shocked.


In addition to the splendid exhibition scenes, the rich and colorful activities held simultaneously are also eye-catching. Notably, the organizer teamed up with Germany Fraunhofer IML, which firstly proposed the “Industry 4.0” slogan. Prof. Fang Dianjun, Chief Scientist of Fraunhofer IML (China) has been invited to attend more than 10 summit forums, technology seminars, award presentation ceremonies, and other events, including the Automation-to-Intelligent Logistics Summit, the 2019 China-India Trade and Logistics (Guangzhou) Summit, the Golden Ant Awards Ceremony of 2019 4th China Intelligent Logistics Conference and China Logistics Industry “Golden Ant” Awards Ceremony, the 2019 6th Logistics Robot Application and Industry Development Forum and Intelligent Factory Logistics Planning and Construction Theme Forum, the Intelligent Factory Logistics Planning and Construction Theme Forum, the 3th South China Modern Logistics Annual Academic Conference, the 13th Guangdong Province Manufacturing Informationization Summit Forum, the 2019 Logistics Industry Development Summit Forum with a theme of “Intelligent Urban Distribution Starts with Cooling Chains” in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Intelligent Future “Intelligently” Gathers in Guangzhou, and the 2019 5th China (Guangzhou) International Logistics of E-business Core Competitiveness and Supply Chain Management Development Summit. It reflects a profound strength of the organizer. Focusing on themes of the exhibition, the organizer has also profoundly explored the development direction of intelligent logistics, and offered awards for enterprises making contributions to the trend of logistics development. Besides, the organizer also invited more than 30 industry and business association experts and member units (including China Association of Warehousing and Distribution, Guangzhou Logistics Technology and Application Association, Guangdong Light Industry Federation, Guangdong Manufacturers Association, and Guangdong Industry Development Promotion Association) to intensively analyze the demand the logistics industry in South China for enterprises. It actively organized high-quality buyers to attend this event, and helped exhibitors effectively explore the market in South China.

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“China’s logistics equipment manufacturing industry is developing continuously. It is very necessary to hold such an exhibition in Guangzhou.” Krister Sandvoss, Global Director of New Industry and Logistics Exhibition Development, Deutsche Messe AG spoke highly of the exhibition. “China has grown rapidly. Notably, in recent years, the average annual growth rates of China’s logistics industry, cargo transport industry, warehousing industry and postal industry have been remarkably high. As one of the leading regions in China’s logistics equipment manufacturing, Guangdong has played a significant role in the development of the whole industry.”


The success of LET-a CeMAT ASIA event 2019 enables us to see a logistics equipment carrier in the South China market slowly setting sail. We believe that in the next few years, more companies and trade visitors will come here to present a beautiful picture of automated, intelligent logistics for us in Guangzhou.