Common Parameter Setting Of Winding Machine


Source: Smart Wasp Intelligent Technology (Suzhou)

The general mechanical equipment has corresponding parameter settings when it is used, and the winding machine is no exception. Many customers are not familiar with the equipment when they first use it. The Pallet Wrapping Machine Manufacturers will briefly introduce the parameter setting of the winding machine.

1. Chassis speed: It is used to set the speed ratio of the chassis of the Stretch Wrapping Machine during normal operation. The larger the percentage, the faster the speed.

2. Lifting speed: it is used to set the speed ratio of the winding machine film base lifting. The larger the percentage, the faster the lifting speed.

3. Film exit speed: refers to the speed at which the wound film comes out of the film roll. This speed must match the speed of the turntable and the rise and fall speed of the film seat. It is not adjusted up or down separately.

4. Over-top time: It is a unique term for the Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine. It refers to the time that the wrapping film continues to wind at the top of the item. In fact, it is used to reinforce the item at the top. It can be set according to user needs.

Common Parameter Setting Of Winding Machine

Model Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

5. Up and downtimes: used to set the number of times of winding machine up and down.

6. Elasticity of film release: It is used to set the ratio of the elasticity of the film holder when the winding machine is running. The larger the percentage, the faster the film release speed and the looser the film. If the film is too tight, it is easy to pull off directly and cannot be clamped. Overfeeding may result in incomplete film breaking. Please fine-tune according to the toughness of all films and the shape and size of the pallet objects.

The above are some of the main parameters of the winding machine. If you have any questions about the winding machine, please contact us!

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Author: Smart Wasp Intelligent Technology (Suzhou) 

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