Powerful & Robust: C-Line Series




Our C-Line series contains a complete product family: this includes guide rollers, which are available from stock as floating bearing versions with 3, 4, 5 and 6 rollers, as well as the LS guide rails in three sizes.

Powerful & Robust: C-Line Series

The C-shape geometry of the cold drawn rails and also the inner raceways are induction hardened, whereby the guide rollers run on the inner raceways of this C-profile. Thus they are optimally protected against shocks that may occur accidentally. The standard version of this product is galvanized, but it can also be supplied with a nickel-plated surface to ensure use in aggressive environments.

A combination of fixed rollers and rollers with floating guide creates self-aligning systems that can easily compensate for any axial or transverse misalignment between parallel mounted guides. NADELLA uses only one rail geometry for both types of rollers.

The C-Line is available in three sizes, both with concentric and eccentric guide rollers. Thus you achieve the optimum adjustment of the clearance. Our Sliders are also available in two versions: Sliders with aluminum body C.RCS ..., C.RAS ... and C.RYS, as well as carriages with steel central block C.RCN ..., C.RAN ... and C.RYN


Main features

  • Robust and powerful

  • Light and even running behaviour

  • Rail: induction hardened and made of steel

  • Very high compensation of mounting surface and parallelism tolerances

  • Rail galvanized or with nickel-plated surface

  • Rollers are lubricated for life

  • Insensitive to dust

  • Easy to mount

  • up to 20 m/s² acceleration

  • High speeds up to 8 m/s (depending on application and roll size)

  • Operating temperature up to 80 ºC

  • Integrated lubrication system, front side of the carriage

  • Rail hole spacing as standard or according to specific customer drawings

  • Rollers for fixed and floating bearing construction


For more information, please refer to our Nadella "Linear Guides" catalog. We would be pleased to advise you on your application, simply use our contact form.

Author : NADELLA

Editor: Wingsi Zhou

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