Application of MiMA turret truck in Cold storage


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The customer is a food company, mainly engaged in the production and operation of meat products. According to the actual working conditions, they need a forklift which is mainly used for loading and unloading meat products in cold storage and outdoors. The working environment is humid and foggy, and the temperature is very low. The cost of warehousing and logistics has increased, and the warehouse area for cargo storage is limited. Therefore, a narrow aisle intensive storage and handling solution suitable for cold storage operation is required.

According to the customer's needs, MiMA provides customers with an efficient solution: stand-on cold storage 3 way forklift. MiMA electric turret truck has a unique fork rotation and side shift mechanism, which can realize 180°rotation, and easily complete the dense storage of customer warehouse goods. In addition, according to the customer's cold storage application, MiMA performs low-temperature protection and necessary sealing treatment on all wiring harness plug-ins and all switches. This customized electric turret forklift uses a special motor for cold storage, special battery fluid, cold storage gear oil and hydraulic oil to ensure normal use in the customer's cold storage environment. MiMA cold storage VNA forklift has been highly recognized and evaluated by customers. BANYITONG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPING CO.,LTD has focused on the production and development of electric forklifts for more than 20 years, specializing in providing customers with warehousing application solutions for various industries.

Application of MiMA turret truck in Cold storage

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